UK Parliament Week 2019 – Mr Robin Ashby (Lib Dem) meets Scouts

Date: 29th Oct 2019 Author: Peter Jacques

As part of the annual UK Parliament Week the Scouts met Mr Robin Ashby (Lib Dem) to discuss the origins and workings of Government (22 October 2019).

Robin responded in a brilliant live ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’ session with Scouts posing their questions in ‘Parliament’ and debating ideas to improve the local community and our country.

This was something we have never tried and we couldn’t have created this interaction without Robin playing his part too. Robin presented the Scouts with ‘House of Commons’ badges and wristbands supplied as part of the information pack material supporting this event.

It was a very revealing session and demonstrated how much the Scouts appreciated the importance of current issues and in having our own local representative.

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